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Created 14-Mar-13
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Drastic changes are reflected in this series of scans. The Meatpacking District, formerly a distribution point for slaughtered animals (parts of which used to litter the sidewalks) is now a neighborhood of clubs, new hotels, restaurants and very expensive clothing boutiques. The large gay population of Chelsea is evidenced in numerous scans. And what's going on on W. 20th near the 10th Precinct police station? I found in the gutters, early one "Chelsea Morning," many empty condom packets and their used products. Because all the condoms were the same brand, I suspected a professional at work.

I did four scans of Washington Square Park, contrasting man's trash with nature's refuse; people litterers overwhelmed nature.

On the corner of W. 10th St. and Waverly Place is a reader's haven: Three Lives & Company, one of the last and best privately owned bookstores in Manhattan.

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