Amy Goodchild(non-registered)
Thank you for the wonderful workshop today at The Butler! I will never forget it.
cheryl alexander(non-registered)
Just transported. Even using my ancient phone and a magnifying glass, I was transported to every location. You're. Incredible!
Can't see where to register?

Anyway, really enjoyed the nut n bolts series and the idea of a sound video of same. You might enjoy checking out Museum of the Moving Image - MOMI - just renovated recently and sporting a video wall in the lobby which sounds perfect for your video! Let me see if I can post a link of it on my facebook page...
Ur the bestest!
joan chanel(non-registered)
Wow Ron - YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY! I hadn't seen "abandoned" - WONDERFULLY SAD. Love it!
And the "Silver" - Wow! Memories.
Thomas Adcock(non-registered)
A wonderful archive, Ron. Much sales success is sure to follow!

...I especially liked the nuts-and-bolts self-portrait.
Robert C. Noble(non-registered)
Terrific art in a knockout website
I'll be back
Karen Centofanti(non-registered)
So unique, interesting, and fascinating. Just live it!! Really honored to know you.
Ron, you are the real deal: a genu-ine, blowed-in-the-glass artist, as we say in Cannery Row.
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